Adams, Hanna, Moore Memorial Post 156



February 24, 2013

Friday night several members of our Post attended the NCD Membership Rally joining about another 150 attendees. At that rally, Post 156 was distinguished by Department as being the first Post in the District to attain our 100% membership goal and was later presented a Membership Plaque (not certificate) for exceeding the Department’s goal!! I accepted the honor for the Post!!

I must take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to each member of our Post for renewing their membership so promptly, for taking the time to remind others to renew and for actively seeking new Veterans to JOIN!! Although we all had our roles, I must bring special recognition to Bill Klein and John Horan for their perseverance, attention and determination in having this goal reached so quickly!

As your Commander, I am both honored and proud of all members of Post 156! I remain committed to you and increasing value to your membership by increasing our level of involvement supporting our Active Duty forces, our Veterans, community service members and our youth! I look forward to your continued active participation and support!!




Ed Hall






Mail your application to the Post Membership Chairman at the address shown at the top of this page.  If all information meets the requirements, a membership card will be mailed to you.


Veterans applying for transfer into our Post from their current Post, must submit the following information to the Post Membership Officer at the above address:

A completed and signed Member Data Form. Click HERE to view this form. When the form appears,  scroll down to the second page for instructions on how to fill in this form.

Copy of DD214 or other Discharge paper.

Copy of your current Post Membership card.

Check for dues payment if your card is not for current year.


MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILTY in the American Legion is based on honorable service with the U. S. Armed Forces between:

(April 6, 1917 -November 11, 1918) World War I
(December 7, 1941 - Today)*

* Because eligibility dates remain open, all members of the U.S. Armed Forces are eligible to join The American Legion at this time, until the date of the end of hostilities as determined by the government of the United States.

Applicant must have served at least one day of active military duty during one of the dates above and are honorably discharged or still serving honorably.

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