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Organizations have held blood drives and given blood since community service became an American value. It's only natural that The American Legion - with community service as one of its pillars - be heavily involved in blood donation efforts. Post participation and individual Legionnaire participation are recognized annually. The Red Cross is currently experiencing a shortage of platelets and blood.

Please consider participating!

Our Post program consists of:

Platelet Donation: This is a 2-3 hour process. Donors will have to call and schedule an appointment due to the time. For several day prior to donating, donors are asked to consume additional calcium. Individuals that are on aspirin cannot donate because the aspirin interferes with the interaction of platelets and iron. The day of the donation, donors are asked to avoid coffee and tea as these items also interfere with the platelet/iron interaction. Donors are also asked to consume water to ensure hydration prior to donating. Platelets are only good for five days. The Red Cross like to keep a five day supply on hand but currently has a 2-3 day supply. Well balanced meals should be consumed both before and after donating.

Blood: This is a fairly quick process. Donors are asked to call and schedule at the blood center to ensure they are tooled appropriately for that day. Donors are asked to eat well balanced meals before and after donating and to consume water to ensure hydration prior to donating.

Appointments Scheduling

Donors can call 1-800-272-2123 or 410-764-5323 to schedule an appointment.

Post Members are asked to notify Andy Wolkstein, Blood Drive Chairman at awolkstein@comcast.net in order to track donations within the post.

Additional information can be found at http://www.redcrossblood.org