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Gate Access Pass (GAP) Procedures for BWI

  1. Identify the flight(s) you’d like to attend by reviewing the Honor Flight calendar of events on the next page.
    1. Each event has a link to the flight schedule for that month.
    2. If the flight you would like to support is labeled "TLC/Lone Eagle" in the Hub Name & Departure Airport column, click here for special instructions.
  2. Email Randy Bohn pinnochle@aol.com and John Sheldon adjutant@legionpost156maryland.org and inform them of the flights you’ll be supporting.
  3. Send an email to bwigap18@gmail.com and request a Gate Access Pass (GAP).
    1. If you do not receive a response to your request within 24 hours, please resend to jcase928@gmail.com and jjabner@verizon.net.
    2. The absolute deadline for submitting your GAP request is at least 36 hours in advance of first flight of the day – no exceptions.  Airlines need 24 hours to process your GAP, and the Honor Flight staff needs an additional 12 hours.  
    3. In your GAP request, include:
      1. Which flight(s) and day you will be meeting the Veterans
      2. List first name, initial, last name, date of birth (mm/dd/year format), gender
        1. i.e., John D. Smith, 03/15/66, male
      3. If you are requesting multiple names, please sort by same process as b.2 above…this includes family members
  4. Please note that everyone, babes-in-arms included, needs a GAP.
  5. Picture ID is not required for those under the age of 18.
  6. Volunteers 75 and older can leave their shoes and a light jacket on. If your shoes set off the alarm, you will be asked to take them off and go through the screening again.
  7. Park in the hourly garage. Bring your parking ticket (for validation) and a government-issued picture ID.  
    1. The parking validation deadline is 45 minutes before flight arrival time. If you miss this deadline, validation will have to be done after all flights are in. 
    2. If you are not arriving for the first flight of the day, please note on your GAP request which flight you will be arriving for. Doing so alerts the HF staff that you are not a "no show". Some "frequent greeters" arrive after the first flight of the day because you know it doesn't always take 45 minutes to get through security.
    3. Please be aware of the actions that are needed to validate your parking. 
      1. First, not all yellow shirts can validate. Only volunteers with a green security badge can validate and they may have other duties to perform, such as meeting the HF buses on the lower level. 
      2. Second, the parking validation machine is located at the other end of the airport away from door 7 - closer to door 14.  HF staff are willing to accommodate volunteers arriving for later flights, however a problem occurs on single incoming flights when people do not arrive prior to the first flight of the day. Be advised that HF staff with green security badges are not always available to make multiple trips to the parking validation machine.
    4. When leaving the parking arena, check out at the "Cash" lane. They will ask to see your validated parking ticket before allowing you to proceed. Cost to you is zero dollars. 
  8. Pick up point for all GAPs will be near door 7 on the upper level
  9. If you are coming for flights other than the first one and there is no one at door 7, please go to door 4 on the lower level – baggage claim area for Southwest.  
  10. The GAPs and clip board for parking passes will be there along with yellow-shirted volunteers
  11. Dress comfortably and wear your American Legion cover!
  12. Please take pictures and send to Randy and John at the email addresses in Line #2.

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